Tool Development

The Center for Democracy and Civic Life works with campus and national partners to enact the values and aspirations identified in the Civic Learning and Democratic Engagement (CLDE) Theory of Change in their own settings. This work typically takes the form of making and sharing tools people can use to make their organizations, programs, and learning environments more inclusive and democratic. Among the tools the Center has developed and shared are reflection and conversation guides that sensitize people to the civic dimensions of their everyday experiences; help students envision meaningful careers; and help faculty and staff create organic and generative learning environments. The Center hosts “tool foundries” to engage partners in the process of developing tools useful in addressing their own needs and civic aspirations, and offers one-on-one consulting for campus and national partners on the designs and implementation of their programs, services, and organizing efforts.

To explore or request an opportunity to develop tools with Center for Democracy and Civic Life staff, please submit a Civic Design CoLab form.