The Center for Democracy and Civic Life organizes and facilitates workshops that build community while orienting participants to new possibilities for their engagement in civic life. Participants in Center workshops reflect on their values, passions, strengths, and aspirations; learn about civic institutions and practices; build skills relating to interpersonal communication, organizing, advocacy, and strategic planning; develop solidarity, critical awareness, and collective power to address injustices such as systemic, identity-based oppression; and envision and undertake shared work to strengthen their communities. These workshops often include opportunities for participants to use tools developed by the Center to help with civic reflections, conversations, planning, and action. Some examples of Center-facilitated workshops: helping resident assistants think about the civic dimensions of their roles; sparking the imaginations of new UMBC students in Introduction to an Honors University classes about civic participation in elections and beyond; and supporting staff colleagues in exploring their civic identities and aspirations.

To explore or request an opportunity to work with Center for Democracy and Civic Life staff to develop a workshop appropriate to your group, please submit a Civic Design CoLab form.