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Voter Information and Registration

Take a few minutes to register to vote in Maryland or any other state using these tools. You also can confirm your registration or update your address.

In Maryland:

In States Other than Maryland:

  • National Voter Registration Form (special rules apply for residents of New Hampshire, North Dakota, and Wyoming; be sure to check your state election websites, using the link immediately below).
  • Access all states’ election information here.
  • Find state-specific resources including important dates, registration deadlines, and elected officials here.

Absentee Voting (i.e., Voting by Mail):

  • Learn about absentee voting in Maryland and request an absentee ballot here. In Maryland, you do not need any reason or excuse to request an absentee ballot; you simply have to submit the request.
  • In other states, the rules vary regarding whether you need a reason or excuse to request an absentee ballot. Find general information about absentee voting in any state here.

Early Voting:

  • Many states make it possible to vote at a limited number of polling locations in the days before Election Day. Maryland is one of them.
  • Find information about early voting in Maryland, including early voting sites, here.